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Victra SUV MA-Z4S


ALL-SEASON ULTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE RADIAL With a solid center rib, V-shaped aggressive tread pattern design, and silica tread compound, the MA-Z4S Victra offers superior dry and wet traction, good fuel economy, and excellent handling capability. This unidirectional, ultra high performance all-season tire has a low aspect ratio and inch-up sizes. The multiple snow-biting grooves and optimal siping design offer great traction on snowy surfaces.

All season ultra high performance with premium construction

  • Solid center rib designed for high-speed stability
  • V-shaped unidirectional grooves for improved handling on dry and wet roads
  • Multiple snow-biting grooves and optimal siping design for great traction on snowy surfaces
  • 4 high-void, circumferential main grooves expel water for enhanced wet traction
  • 5-pitch tread blocks and 2-in-1 groove designs minimize noise for a quiet, comfortable ride
  • UTQG 420 AA A
Part NumberSizeService DescriptionLoad RangeSidewallOverall Diameter (in)Section Width (in)Max PSIMax Load (lbs)Approved Rim Width (in)Tread Depth (in)
TP43155600 255/45R20 105V XL XL BSW 29.1 10 50 2039 8.0-[8.5]-9.5 11/32
TP00170100 265/35ZR22 91V XL XL BSW 29.4 10.7 44 1356 9.0-[9.5]-10.5 10/32
TP00140300 265/40R22 106V XL XL BSW 30.5 10.7 50 2094 9.0-[9.5]-10.5 11/32
TP45406000 305/40R22 114V XL XL BSW 31.7 12.3 50 2601 10.0-[11.0]-12.0 11/32
TP00156200 295/35R24 110V XL XL BSW 32.3 11.9 50 2337 10.0-[10.5]-11.5 11/32
TP45501000 305/35R24 114V XL XL BSW 32.6 12.3 50 2601 10.0-[11.0]-12.0 11/32