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Simex Extreme Trekker

Simex Extreme Trekker Mud Terrain Tire

The competition proven tire for the serious off-roader. The Simex Extreme Trekker offers unparralled traction in wet muddy conditions. With large self clearing lugs and specially design groves to clear the tire, there is nothing that will keep up with your 4wd when driving on these awesome tires.

- A proven 4x4 competition tyre on versatility, durability and excellent traction capability in some of the toughest terrains and extreme weather conditions found around the world.

- Continuous circumferential blocks provide good handling control both on and off road.

- Two-stage unidirectional sturdy lugs provide maximum self-cleaning properties and provide maximum traction on soft ground.

- Sturdy independent blocks provide excellent rock climbing properties.

31/10.5-15 Extreme Trekker 6PR 110N TL
32/9.5-15 Extreme Trekker 111N TL
32/9.5-16 Extreme Trekker 110N TL
32/10.5-15 Extreme Trekker 113N TL
32/10.5-16 Extreme Trekker 111N TL
35/10.5-15 Extreme Trekker 6pr 120L TL
35/10.5-16 Extreme Trekker 6pr 119L TL
35/11.5-15 Extreme Trekker 2 6pr 121N TL
35/12.50-15 Extreme Trekker 2 6pr 122N TL