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Simex Jungle Trekker 2

Simex Jungle Trekker 2 Mud Terrain Tire

- Two-stage lug to enhance traction especially on soft soils. Alternate protruded lugs give wider tread groove area for mud digging and self-cleaning.
- Y shaped lateral grooves for maximum grip and traction on rocky surfaces and a secret "weapon" for champion rock climbing in competition.
- Massive protruded lugs for extra traction in mud holes.
- Double protective ribs at the buttress groove to fend off sharp objects from penetrating the tyre at the grooves

31x9.5-16 Jungle Trekker 2 6PR 107Q TL
33x10.5-15 Jungle Trekker 2 6PR 110Q TL
33x10.5-16 Jungle Trekker 2 6PR 109Q TL
34/10.5-15 Jungle Trekker 2 6pr 114Q TL
34/10.5-16 Jungle Trekker 2 6pr 113Q TL